Value of Time – Write a composition and Essay

By Eusha

Time is valuable. Now, write a composition about ‘Value of Time’. School and College students write a composition of Value of Time. 300 words essay for college-level students. Bangladesh students write for the exam about Value of Time essay in English.

Value of Time Essay


The value of time is very great in our life. Nothing can be compared with it. Time has started its march from the very beginning of the creation of this universe. This very ancient march has no end. We have been sent to this world for a very short time. So, we have to make our life meaningful by utilizing our time. In fact, a man’s life is nothing but sum total of years, months, days, hours, and seconds.

Transitoriness of time

Time never stays for anybody. It just goes on and on. The popular saying goes – “Time and tide wait for none.” So, every moment is very precious. Our success depends on the best use of these moments. We must make a proper division of our time and do our duties properly. Only then we will be able to go forward and reach our goal. On the other hand, if we do not make the right use of our time, we will have to drag a miserable existence.

Value of Time composition and Essay

Lesson from history

History provides many examples of the importance of time. One of Napoleon’s generals was a few minutes late on Waterloo’s battlefield. As a result, Napoleon had to face a terrible defeat. On the other hand, Robert Bruce, Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, Aristotle, and such other great persons led their lives to the top of success making the best use of time.

Value of time in student life

Student life is called the seed time of life. A student’s future life depends on how he uses time in student life. If a student wastes his time in idleness and does not do his duties properly, he is sure to repent afterward.


We are the best creation of Allah. We owe to Him because He has sent us to this beautiful earth. To pay off our debt to some extent, we must make proper use of time. Because anything good can be done or achieved only through making the best use of time.

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