Travelling as a Part of Education Essay writing

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Write a composition on ‘Travelling as a Part of Education. Here the authority has written an essay about Travelling as a Part of Education for the school and college students. It will be a great opportunity for the SSC and HSC level students.

Travelling as a Part of Education


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”, said the great philosopher Saint Augustine. Through travelling people gather new knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Thus travelling is an integral part of education.

Travelling as a Part of Education

Travelling to acquire knowledge and skills

Travelling opens up chances to learn about geography, history and so on. It helps us acquire firsthand knowledge about our homeland and about the world. We also acquire different skills like language, adaptability, and cooperativeness through travelling.

Travelling to acquire values, beliefs, and habits

A traveller comes in touch with foreign cultures as well as his/her own culture and tradition. When he/she talks to locals, he/she is likely to learn about their values, beliefs, and habits. Thus, travelling ensures our cultural nourishment.

Travelling to acquire some personality traits

People of one place may be very different from those of other places. If we travel, we learn to accept and appreciate such differences. So, travelling teaches our tolerance. Besides, when we travel, we realize that we can cope with a lot of unexpected situations. Thus travelling makes us more independent and confident. Above all, travelling relieves us from monotony and we become energetic.

Travelling as complementary to bookish knowledge

Formal educational institutions can provide only bookish knowledge in classroom situations. Best bookish knowledge is often called half or incomplete knowledge. Travelling removes this gap in our education. Bookish knowledge becomes perfect and significant through travelling. That is why modern educational institutions have included travelling in the curriculum. In many institutions study tours are arranged as part of co-curricular activities.


Travelling fills up the gaps in our formal education. It helps us acquire knowledge and skills. Besides, it ensures our non-formal education and widens our attitude to life. On the other hand, travelling refreshes us to receive formal education with renewed vigor. So travelling is truly an essential part of our education.

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