Digital Bangladesh Essay and composition

By Eusha

Digital Bangladesh Essay and composition for the students of School and college. Write a composition on ‘Digital Bangladesh’. ডিজিটাল বাংলাদেশ Essay and composition.

Digital Bangladesh Essay and composition


The world is becoming a digital planet. The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has brought the nations of the world closer. At present, almost every state is running to become a knowledge-based society. Bangladesh cannot remain out of it and the Government has declared to turn Bangladesh into a digital one by 2021. ‘Digital Bangladesh’ is a concept that will make our country more efficient, transparent, and productive.

Meaning of ‘Digital Bangladesh’

The word ‘Digital’ refers to a system based on the continuous flow of data or events. And the term ‘Digital Bangladesh’ refers to a society based on knowledge. The object of establishing a ‘Digital Bangladesh’ is to ensure an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) driven knowledge-based society. In such a society, the information will be readily available online, and where all possible tasks of the government, semi-government, and also private institutions will be processed using technology.

Digital Bangladesh Essay and composition

Present scenario

Bangladesh has been connected to the worldwide Internet Super High Way through an undersea submarine cable. Yet in the field of ICT, our only grand success lies in Mobile Telecommunication which has brought about a radical change in telecommunication of the country. In other spheres of ICT, our achievements are not remarkable.

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Problems and challenges

The promise of a Digital Bangladesh has inspired great hopes for the people in Bangladesh, especially for the young. Unfortunately, the prospect of Digital Bangladesh is being hindered due to poverty. Also, the general development of the country is being hampered by – pervasive corruption in government. Besides, the low literacy rate is another barrier on the way to a Digital Bangladesh.


Govt. must take an action plan to make Digital Bangladesh a success by 2021. Bangladesh is still a village-based country. So the village centered development plan should be adopted. Technology should be made easily available to all classes of people.


Digital Bangladesh can be successful in an atmosphere of democracy, transparency, and accountability. Therefore, in spite of the challenges in its way, the people of Bangladesh should work together to make Bangladesh a modern, technologically sophisticated country. If necessary, our national policies should be reformulated. Politicians will have to come out of their self-interest and should work for the common interest of the nation.

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