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"amphi words definition and meaning in english" at online dictionary. Definition of amphi words definition and meaning in english. What is another word for amphi words definition and meaning in english? This is the right place where you will get the proper information. What does amphi words definition and meaning in english? However, check amphi words definition and meaning in english at our online dictionary below.

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1. Amphitheater | Definition of Amphitheater by Merriam-Webster
Amphitheater | Definition of Amphitheater by Merriam-WebsterAmphitheater definition is - an oval or circular building with rising tiers of ... Other Words from amphitheater Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More ... See the full definition for amphitheater in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

2. Amphi- Definition & Meaning |
Amphi- Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comAmphi- definition, a prefix occurring in loanwords from Greek (amphibious); ... meaning “two,” “both,” “on both sides,” in the formation of compound words: ... cognate with Latin amb(i)- ambi-, Albanian mbë; akin to Old English ymb(e)- around ...

4. Amphitheatre Definition & Meaning |
Amphitheatre Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comARE YOU A TRUE BLUE CHAMPION OF THESE "BLUE" SYNONYMS? We could talk until we're blue in the face about this quiz on words for the color "blue," but ...

5. amphi- - Dictionary of English
amphi- - Dictionary of Englishamphi- comes from Greek, where it has the meaning "both; on two sides''. This meaning is found in such words as: amphibian, amphibious, amphitheater.

7. Amphiprostyle Meaning | Best 5 Definitions of Amphiprostyle
What does amphiprostyle mean? Having a prostyle or set of ... Amphiprostyle meaning. ăm-fĭprō-stīl, ămfĭ- ... From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition ... Words near amphiprostyle in the Dictionary. amphipodan ...

8. Amphitheatre - Wikipedia
Amphitheatre - WikipediaAn amphitheatre (British English) or amphitheater is an open-air venue used for entertainment, performances, and sports. The term derives from the ancient Greek ἀμφιθέατρον (amphitheatron), from ἀμφί (amphi), meaning "on ... The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology. Oxford University Press. pp. 14, 489.

9. amphitheater - Dictionary Definition :
amphitheater - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.comAncient amphitheaters were exactly as described: open-air theaters that allowed spectators to sit on both sides of the action. Today, the word amphitheater is used  ...

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