A Village Doctor – Essay and Composition

By Eusha

A Village Doctor – Essay and Composition for the school and college students. Write a composition on ‘A village doctor’. একজন গ্রাম্য ডাক্তার Essay and Composition.

A Village Doctor – Essay and Composition


A village doctor is an important person in the villages. He is a friend to the common people of the villages. He is often seen riding a bicycle and carrying a bag here and there. He renders a very valuable service to the village people.


A village doctor may be a qualified doctor or a quack, but usually, he is a quack. So a village doctor means one who treats people without having any proper medical training. He usually gets medical training under the supervision of a qualified doctor.

A Village Doctor - Essay and Composition

His Services

The services of a village doctor are really great. He has a very keen sense of duty. Getting up early in the morning he goes to his dispensary. After finishing his work there, he goes out to visit the serious patients of his locality. He examines his patients with great care. He gives medical aid to the sick and the wounded. He takes small fees from the patients. Very often he gives free treatment to the poor people.

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Sometimes he spends the whole night sitting beside a patient. During the time of the epidemic, he renders a great service to the distressed village people. When he treats a patient, he becomes a great friend to the family. He renders them every possible help.

Personal Traits

A village doctor is gentle by nature. He is not cruel to anybody. Normally he serves those who are poor villagers. His fees are small for poor patients. He is a loveable personality.


The village doctor is a useful member of the rural society. His service is extremely necessary for village life. In a village, he is a friend to all, foe to none.

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