A Railway Platform Paragraph Writing

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A Railway Platform Paragraph Writing for the students. Write a short paragraph in English of “A Railway Platform” for school and college-level students. It will help the class to SSC and HSC.

A Railway Platform Paragraph

The world is a temporary rest-house in which we all are visitors. This is maybe best analogized by a railway platform, which is defined by a short-lived stopover of people coming in and going out. The platform may be a special cynosure of social specialists or social psychologists because of its unique atmosphere doe-to the co-existence of people of different cultures and personalities, but it is no less beautiful to a curious mind, interested in human communications.

Every moment, the railway platform, which is typically a vast place protected by a high-hanging brick-built roof, bubbles over with people of all kinds—rich, poor, impoverished, and goods. They bring visitors to one another, people behave surprisingly, while sometimes they do not perform at all.

A Railway Platform Paragraph

They are a crowd of people having different destinations. That is why one, already in that area, feels totally lonely between those anonymous crowds. Most of the time this bad feeling is increased by the nasty and unhygienic environment. Nowadays, however, pick-pockets are a big threat for travelers.

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As per the final word, we can say only this A Railway Platform paragraph you can write by yourself. Because, if you have any experience a journey by train then it will be very easy.

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