A Picnic I Enjoyed Paragraph Writing

By Eusha

A Picnic I Enjoyed paragraph writing for the students. Write a short paragraph “A Picnic I Enjoyed” for classes six to ten. Also for the college HSC students.

A Picnic I Enjoyed Paragraph

Picnic is a source of pleasure and enjoyment. The hours spent on a picnic are always exciting (উত্তেজনাকর) and thrilling (রোমাঞ্চকর). Last month I along with some of my friends had a picnic at Sonargaon, a place of historical interest. On the fixed day, we hired (ভাড়া করেছিলাম) a minibus to go to the picnic spot. We took the necessary preparation to cook on the picnic spot.

A Picnic I Enjoyed Paragraph Writing

We took all the necessary foodstuff (খাদ্য সামগ্রী) and utensils (বাসনপাত্র) with us. We started the journey by bus from Dhaka at 8.00 am and reached Sonargaon at 10 am. Getting off the bus we selected a spot for our cooking. Three of our friends assisted the cooks to prepare our delicious dishes.

In the meantime, we were gossiping and loitering here and there. When the meals were ready we sat to eat. Our meals included biriani, hilsa fry, mutton chop, and Burhani. We ate to our heart’s content. Our artists amused us with their music. Then we went to visit the Folk Art (লোকশিল্প) Museum (যাদুঘর) of Sonargaon.

Taking tickets, we entered the main area. We visited all the historical relics (সংরক্ষিত স্মৃতিচিহ্ন) and saw the famous things. We also visited the palace (রাজপ্রাসাদ) of Ishakha. One of our friends took several snaps of the important sights. We also played cricket there for about 30 minutes. We returned home just after the evening prayer. It was really an enjoyable picnic.


On the other hand, we have written just A Picnic I Enjoyed paragraph for the students. If you think, you have another good memory of “A Picnic I Enjoyed” then write yourself from this paragraph idea.

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