A Moonlit Night paragraph writing

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A Moonlit Night paragraph writing for the students. Write a short paragraph “A Moonlit Night” for the School and college-level students. Class six to ten and HSC level students must read this paragraph.

A Moonlit Night paragraph

A moonlit night is a remarkable occasion for a beauty-seeker who has an aesthetic thirst for poetic feeling. On a moonlit night, nature looks as though it were a dreamland full of life but painted on a colored canvas.

A Moonlit Night paragraph writing

Things, as a whole, seem to be a living poem harmoniously unifying a huge variety of subjects. The moon, as it drifts along in the sky, darts its romantic look at the earth, tinging it with a vivacious glow of spiced color.

The night is calm. Seen from a high place, the flora together with the edging waterline or river, look as if they were resting peacefully. All this catches the imagination; that is why it arouses some imagination. Imagination, as we know, is thought dominated by feeling, with a flavor of intoxication.

A moonlit night has all the quality to arouse such solemn intoxication in the mind. The dimly glowing pieces of flocculent clouds fixed to the ceiling of the sky snatch the mind away. Such a night is worth enjoying foregoing the opportunity of sleep.

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On the other hand, we have written just A Moonlit Night paragraph for the students. If you think, you have other good memorize about it then write your self from this paragraph idea.

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