A Hartal Day Paragraph writing

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A Hartal Day paragraph. Write a short paragraph A Hartal Day for the students of School and College of class six to SSC and HSC.

A Hartal Day Paragraph

A Hartal day is a peculiar day, peculiar because it is unlike any other normal day of the year. Normally, we have some routine work to do every day. Some, for example, have an office, some have their business, and so on. In a word, the necessity of the day drives people onward(s) their regular way. But what happens to them on a hartal day? Unexpected! People who live from hand to mouth are disappointed, not knowing what to do, what to eat, how to feed the family.

A Hartal Day Paragraph writing

Those, on the other hand, who do good jobs at government or multinational companies enjoy an unauthorized leave at home. Some high officials, of course, have to bear the hardship of rushing to the office very early in the morning, as they have to go on foot at the risk of their prestige, sometimes their lives. To look at the streets, we see a peculiar scenario.

Almost at every public square and highway, supporters of the hartal gang up and create barricades, impeding the movements of vehicles. Often bangs of cocktails bursting heard around. On some streets, finding them bare, children play cricket, football, and other games. Markets and shops are closed. To some people, the day becomes a suffocating one. Some people, however, for relevant reasons, remember such a day.

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Finally, you have completed the short paragraph of A Hartal Day. You can write also about Hartal day which you witnessed in your city or area. It will most appropriate and comfortable for both students and teachers so far. We always recommend writing by own self to get the advice of this paragraph.

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