A Good Teacher Paragraph writing

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A Good Teacher paragraph. Write a short paragraph A Good Teacher for the students of School and College of class six to SSC and HSC.

A Good Teacher Paragraph

A man or a woman who teaches the students in any educational institution is called a teacher. A teacher, especially a good or an ideal teacher, is one of the most important persons of a country. He / She is a valuable asset to any country. He / She is the architect of a nation. He / She has some good qualities. First of all, he/she is a man of letters with required academic qualifications. He / She has also the necessary professional training.

On the other hand, A good teacher is a friend, philosopher, and guide to the students. He / She makes lessons interesting to them. He / She awakens the students and arouses their eagerness for learning. He / She makes them confident and proves them clever. He / She discovers the hidden treasure in each student. He / She also wants them happy.

A Good Teacher Paragraph

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Moreover, he needs the care of all students so that he notices him as a special friend. This is how he becomes very general with his students and becomes a model for them. If a teacher has all the above qualities, he is a good teacher as well as an ideal teacher.

After that, he/She always maintains amicable relation with the students. He / She keeps. them busy at school and at home. His / Her general nature is also good. He / She is very sincere, punctual, and honest. After all, a good teacher is a great inspiration for the students and the base of development for a nation.


Finally, you got A Good Teacher Paragraph. Most importantly that, you can change your best teacher name in this paragraph. Also, you can write something about him/his.

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