A Day Labourer Paragraph – The Life of a Day Labourer

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A Day Labourer Paragraph. Write on a paragraph The Life of a Day Labourer for the students of School and College. Short paragraph writing for class six, SSC to HSC.

A Day Labourer Paragraph

A day labourer is a person who is employed and paid on daily basis. He earns his living by the sweat of his brow (মাথার ঘাম পায়ে ফেলে). He is healthy, strong and stout (বলবান). He lives with his family in a slum (বস্তি) and leads a subhuman life. He is usually employed in agricultural or construction work. He works from morning till evening according to the direction of his employer (নিয়োগকারী).

A Day Labourer Paragraph

He gets up early in the morning and goes out in search of work. In the evening, he gets his wages (মজুরি). Then he goes to the market, buys his daily necessaries, and returns to his house. He has both pleasures and pains. If he earns more, he gets pleasure.

When he fails to do that, he gets pains. A day labourer’s life is really full of hardship. He often works in very bad working conditions. Sometimes he has to do risky jobs. But he is not properly paid for such jobs. Sometimes a day labourer has to work in extremely bad weather. If he does not find any work, his family starves.

If he falls sick, he and his family suffer the most. It is true that a day labourer renders (প্রদান করে) valuable service to society. He contributes a lot to the development of a country. So, we should show due respect to a day labourer.


That is all about A Day Labourer Paragraph. It will help the students. Thank you for reading.

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