A Cricket Match I Witnessed – Essay & Composition

By Eusha

A Cricket Match I Witnessed – Essay & Composition for the School and college students. Write a composition about your experience of witnessing a cricket match under the title “A cricket match you witnessed.’

A Cricket Match I Witnessed – Essay & Composition


I play various games like cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, etc. Among them, I like cricket most. To me, it is the most popular and interesting game. I love to play and witness cricket.


I had an opportunity to enjoy an exciting T20 World Cup 2014 cricket match played between Australia and Pakistan. The match was held in Mirpur Shere Bangla Cricket Stadium on 23 March 2014 in Dhaka.

A Cricket Match I Witnessed - Essay & Composition

The first innings

I along with one of my friends, somehow managed two tickets. The match began at 4.30 p.m. The two teams entered the center of the stadium in time led by the captain of the respective team. The Pakistani team was led by Mohammad Hafeez and the Australian team was led by George Belly. Australia won the toss and decided to field first. The opening batsmen of the Pakistani Team were Ahmed Shehzad and Kamran Akmal and the opening bowlers of Australia were MA Starc and DE Bollinger.

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The two opening batsmen of Pakistan could not bat well against the fast bowlers of Australia. They lost two wickets very soon. After that next batsman, Umar Akmal came and started batting ferociously. Gradually the innings of the Pakistan team came to an end with the challenging score of 191 by five wickets. Umar Akmal scored 94 out of 54 balls with 4 sixes and 9 fours.

The second innings

In the second innings, the Australia team started batting. At first, they tried to keep the match under their control. But very soon they lost their two skilled batsmen DA Warner and SR Watson. But Finch and Maxwell started batting well. They batted ferociously and took the control of the match under them. Finch scored 65 and Maxwell 74. But Pakistani bowlers suddenly came back to the match taking these two wickets.

Then next batsmen of the Australian team could not bat well against the attacking bowlers of the Pakistan team. At one stage their innings stopped on 175 runs. And Pakistan won the match by 16 runs. Umar Akmal was declared the man of the match in consideration of his outstanding performance.


I was a supporter of Pakistan. This was the most exciting cricket match I have ever enjoyed. It was really an enjoyable and extraordinary day for me. The players tried to exhibit their best skill and performance. The memory and pleasure of the match will remain ever fresh in my mind.

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