A bus stand paragraph for students

By Eusha

Write a paragraph on A bus stand paragraph for the students. Short paragraph for 6 to class 12 students “A bus stand”. Bellow read the short paragraph for school and college students.

A bus stand paragraph

A bus stand, we all know, is a place where buses “stand” or stop for some time to let people in and out. But, ironically enough, nowadays it is the people, and not the buses, who stand there for a long time sometimes for hours. For this reason, a bus stand could otherwise be called a “people-stand”, If I am allowed to utter such an objectionable word. To their great annoyance, people often find themselves too many as compared to the number of buses needed to carry them.

A bus stand paragraph

It is, indeed, a sad reality. Anyway, since people unwillingly have to wait here for some time, they form a gathering, gloomily waiting for buses, with, as it were, waiting for itself to be the main problem and not the buses. As a result, they are at least feel so-problems for themselves.

The crowd becomes a source of utter boredom for each individual. And the most undesirable thing happens when a bus comes: people indulge in competition by physical strength to secure seats before others attempt to do so. As a result, everybody causes everybody’s problems. That is why, as far as the bus stands of our country are concerned, I call them places of social anarchy.

Bus stop paragraph for HSC

Buses stop at a bus stop when streets or highways go up and down. This is a kind of temporary refuge for travelers. To use the bus, passengers have to wait a while. So they come and wait for buses in the parking lot. Usually, a barn, wall, and concrete bench were attached to it. There are ticket offices at the Son bus stops and no one buys bus tickets at the bus stops.

Sometimes when someone crosses the line, hot words are exchanged. There are book stands or snacks. Snack carriers do a small business at the bus stop. Sometimes the bus stop sells seasonal fruit. Passengers are reinforced while they wait for the bus. However, not all bus stops have set.

At such stands, people suffer greatly from the heat of the sun or rain. Most of the bus stops in Bangladesh have no sheds. People suffer from the scorching sun or wait for the bus due to uneven rainfall. People don’t have to wait long for a bus because there aren’t enough buses to carry passengers.


As a result, passengers even have to wait several hours at the stand. So there should be a canopy at the bus stop for people to sit down and have a snack.

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